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Family Medicine

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Family Medicine

At Durham Community Health Centre (DCHC), we provide comprehensive medical healthcare that emphasizes accessibility, health promotion, illness prevention and continuity of care for clients with complex physical and mental health needs.


Our Medical Services Team includes Family Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians and our Administration Support team.


Learn more about the various members of our Family Medicine Team, below.


Family Doctors: Our physicians provide comprehensive medical care for our clients and their families, across Durham Region. Like all Family Doctors, ours at DCHC can provide:

  • regular check-ups including physicals and routine screening tests (e.g., for cancer)
  • diagnosis and treatment for common illnesses and injuries
  • referrals to health care specialists who can help with a specific condition
  • support in managing a chronic condition (such as diabetes or high blood pressure)
  • prescriptions for medication


Nurse Practitioners (NPs): Durham CHC’s NPs are Registered Nurses (RNs) with advanced university education and experience that allow them to take on additional elements of their practice. In particular, NPs are able to:

  • order and interpret diagnostic tests
  • communicate diagnoses with our clients
  • prescribe pharmaceuticals
  • perform specific procedures

Our NPs can also help with:

  • annual physicals
  • counselling
  • health education
  • immunizations
  • screening for disease
  • treatment of short term acute illnesses (e.g., infections)
  • monitoring clients with stable chronic illnesses


Registered Nurses (RNs): RNs are focused on the promotion of health, assessment and the provision of care and treatment of health conditions. They provide supportive, preventive and therapeutic services in order to help our clients attain or maintain optimal health.


Registered Dietitian (RD): RDs are trusted food and nutrition professionals who are trained to provide advice on diet, food and nutrition. RDs educate and support clients in helping them make informed decisions about their nutrition and lifestyle choices and work with individuals, groups and families to support healthy eating for a variety of dietary needs including chronic diseases, healthy weight, pre- and post-natal nutrition and other dietary requirements.


Medical Secretaries: DCHC’s Medical Secretaries are an integral part of our Family Medicine Team. They are the first people you see and speak with when you visit or call us and they offer a non-judgmental, helpful approach when helping check you in for your appointments or help you navigate our events, activities, and workshops.


Our entire Family Medicine Team is dedicated to helping our clients access the best care possible and even beyond DCHC, we will help you find additional health and social services that you might need, across Durham Region.

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