Formerly known as Carea Community Health Centre


Volunteer at DCHC

Volunteering at Durham Community Health Centre provides opportunities to gain awareness and experience in a Community Health Centre that focuses on redefining community-based health and wellness services by providing a variety of free services, events, activities, and workshops to community members throughout Durham Region.


There are many reasons to volunteer!

Volunteering is a great way for you to develop your skills, enhance your resume, make connections, and gain new experiences, all while making a difference in the community in which you live. Volunteering shows employers that you are dedicated, you go above and beyond, and you are interested in making a difference. It shows that you are committed and invested in your community and that you have the effective time management skills to accommodate volunteering into your busy lifestyle. Studies have shown that volunteering can positively benefit ones’ mental and physical health as it creates meaningful connections and increases your activity.


How to volunteer

For more information on volunteering, or to volunteer with us, please email us at

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