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Hepatitis C Team

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Hepatitis C Team

The Hepatitis C Team Program provides viral Hepatitis C (HCV) Risk assessment, Screening Treatment, Care and Support for those living with, at risk for and those affected by HCV. We are working at eradicating viral Hepatitis by 2030 (World Hepatitis Organization, 2016).


The Hepatitis C Team Program offers the services of an interprofessional team, which consists of a consulting Hepatologist, Hepatitis C Treatment Nurse, Outreach Worker, Case Manager and Program Coordinator. The members of the HCV team work collaboratively to provide seamless multidisciplinary care and treatment for priority population members with HCV. The team offers support to clients at risk of acquiring, living with, or affected by Hep C. They also offer post-treatment for Hep C, and comprehensive medical-and psycho-social support and treatment, in collaboration and consultation with the team-treating physician.

Services Provided by our Hepatitis C Team include:

  • Hepatitis C Education and Awareness
  • Point of Care Screening and Dry Blood Spot Screening
  • Treatment Options
  • Counselling support services providing case management, advocacy and emotional support
  • Harm reduction supplies and Naloxone
  • Hep C Support and Peer Support Groups
  • Outreach services bridging at risk groups to clinical and community services

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