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Chronic Disease Management & Prevention

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Chronic Disease Management & Prevention

Chronic diseases, such as Diabetes and Hepatitis C viral infection are growing in prevalence. Clients living with a chronic disease require a wide range of services and supports that evolve and vary over the course of their lives and state of their conditions.


The integrated clinical and wellness care provided as part of Chronic Disease Management & Prevention at DCHC is focused on working with individuals, families, and communities to help people maintain optimal health and as much independence as possible, while living with their conditions. This is achieved through prevention, early detection, education, and management of chronic health conditions. We support clients in self-managing their chronic disease and helping them to coordinate and access necessary care throughout their disease’s progression. Chronic Disease Management & Prevention at DCHC is focused on providing timely, high quality services in the most appropriate setting and with seamless access to diagnostics, assessments, interventions and education.

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